National Anthems of the Waffles SMP


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A Journey to Destiny

The Fourth Wall

The Rise of Spellbound

Der Aufsteigende Phönix

Blue Flame

Martius Vacui

Dawn of a Gilded Star

Depthless is only available for MidActionJax and only he is allowed to use this song

United We Advance



Terms of Use

Everyone is allowed to use this music inside their YouTube video about the Waffles SMP. This music isn't meant to be used in other contexts than the Waflles SMP, so please don't use them in other context.

You're allowed to use the music as long as you give propper credits to the composer, DrThestral. You can do this by stating BEFORE the music starts that the music was made by DrThestral and that a link to his channel is in the description. This can be either verbal or with text on the screen, as long as it is stated before the music starts and you don't take credit for the music yourself. The only exeption with this rule is when you're using the music as intro for your video, then you're also allowed to credit DrThestral after the intro. If your piece of content gets claimed while you followed the TOU, please send a message do DrThestral either via Discord or Twitter and he will fix it for you.

BE AWARE: if you choose to credit the composer by using a text on screen, the text has to be clearly visible! (so for example a small line in white text to a white background which has a screen time of 1 frame won't do)

If you wish to contact DrThestral about the TOU, you can do this either via Discord or Twitter and I'll be happy to help you!